♥ Just me and God.
♥ Just me and God.
Beloved! My name is Ashley and I am twenty-one years old. I love God, my life revolves around Him and His love; He's my rock and I shall not be shaken.

1 Peter 2:16
Live as people who are free, not using your freedom as a cover-up for evil, but living as servants of God.
"But Jesus. Even when I can’t muster the strength to open my bible or I’m too mentally worn out to talk to Him, I am still overwhelmed by the promise of His presence. Even when I can’t see Him, I still want to choose Him." — Source&Quote By holdingontojoy (via iamyourdestiny)

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"Your reaction to your circumstance reveals your character." — Lucas Webb (via worshipgifs)

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People to keep in prayer tonight:


  • people of Ferguson, Missouri
  • Christians being persecuted in the Middle East
  • the kidnapped girls in Africa who we have yet to hear anything about
  • the depressed, lonely, sick and poor
  • anyone thinking of committing suicide
  • your friends and family
  • people of leadership positions inside and outside of the USA
  • your church
  • yourself.

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